Scientific house, Han Ok [Traditional Korean-Style House ]

Han Ok(Traditional Korean-Style House) are charaterized by their structures, which differ markedly from those of the west and other East Asian countries.

#Han Ok Building Process

  1. Prepare site
  2. Lat sotne footings for the wooden pilliars
  3. Erect pillars
  4. Build roof structure
  5. Hang rafters
  6. Lay rooftiles
  7. Build walls
  8. Construct under floor heating system
  9. Construct the wooden floor place board floor over On Dol
  10. Lay terrace stones

 To begin, OnDol rooms and halls with wooden floors are found together here in one building.

[Hot smoke from the fire heats the floor, so the room gets warmed up.]

(There are lots of  floor types, On Dol structures, and hypocaust flues structures)

 They also feature other unique architectural assets that demonstrate the wisdom of our ancestors, such as high podiums to reduce moisture problems, deep eaves that fuction as natural heating and cooling system.

Built with natural materials such as clay, wood and stone which require ongoing maintenance.

(This is BukChon Traditional Culture Center, provides information about “Han Ok” and  “BukChon Han Ok village”)

(There are Han Ok guest houses, where you can experience Han Ok.)

Han Ok has both beauty and practicality.

Also, nowadays in Korea, Construction Company put merits of Han Ok into the apartment.

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